Frequently Asked Questions

What is Validated Mobility Rewards?

Validated Mobility Rewards is a service that lets participating shops, restaurants and other businesses help cover your transportation costs by sending you Mobility Credits when you make a qualifying purchase with them.  This service replaces our mobile app.

Is Validated free?

Yes, Validated is free to use to earn Mobility Credits.

What happens to my current Validated balance?

No worries, it’s still yours! Just login with your current app credentials (email & password or Facebook) and your credits will automatically be moved over. If you experience issues, just contact us through or the chat icon on our webpage. 

Why do businesses do this?

Businesses do this for the same reason that online retailers offer free shipping:  to make it easier for you to visit them and spend money.  It’s also a way for them to thank you for your business and show some appreciation.  Plus, you’ll be more likely to come back again if you know it’s easy and inexpensive to get there.

Do I need to use my Mobility Credits right away?

No, you can redeem credits immediately or save them as long as you like.  Credits will continue to accumulate in your Validated account until you redeem them.

How do I sign up?

Enter your mobile phone number in the box at and we’ll text you a link to sign up.  You’ll be asked to create a Validated account and then link one or more payment cards or bank accounts so our friendly robots can find qualifying purchases and issue mobility rewards credits.

Why do you need my phone number?

Validated Mobility Rewards uses your phone number to secure your account and to let you know when you’ve received mobility credits.  You can text us back to redeem credits, check your balance and perform other account functions.  We promise not to spam you with a lot nonsense, just the important stuff.

Why do you need to link my credit card or bank account?

This is how we are able to validate your purchases automatically.  Our automated system scans your linked cards or accounts for qualifying purchases at our network of participating businesses and issues Mobility Credits whenever it finds them.  By linking your payment methods directly, we’re able to make earning Mobility Credit rewards effortless.

I can’t find my bank or credit card on the list. Do you support it?

Probably! On the bank selection screen search the name of your bank or credit card issuer in the search bar. We support more than 15,000 U.S. financial institutions. If you can’t find your credit card issuer, check the back of the card and see what bank issued the card.  If you can’t find your bank, drop us an email at

I’m having trouble linking my bank or credit card account.

Make sure that you’re using the right credentials. Use the same credentials you would use to log into your financial institution’s online banking website. If you still have trouble,  email us at

I can’t get a code to my phone.

Make sure that you put in the right number and that it’s a US mobile phone. Standard messaging rates apply. We don’t support non-US numbers right now.

Can I link more than one credit card or bank account?

Yes. You can send a text to  206-800-VLDT (8538) with the message “add card” or go to and sign in.  Tap the account button (upper left) and then tap “LINK NEW CARD.”

Is Validated Secure?

Very Secure. We use 256-bit SSL encryption and two-factor authentication when you sign in. We use an industry-leading financial services partner with bank level security to connect securely to more than 15,000 financial institutions.  Your credentials never touch our servers and are not stored. You can read more about our security practices here.

How do I earn Validated Mobility Credits?

First, sign up for a free Validated account by entering your mobile phone number in the box at  Once you’ve signed up, simply visit any participating business and make a qualifying purchase.  To find participating businesses and see what’s required to qualify, go to and sign in.  Browse or search the list to find nearby businesses.

How do I redeem Validated Mobility Credits?

You can redeem Validated Mobility Credits with a growing network of Mobility Services Providers, including Lyft, Uber, ReachNow, Biketown and SpotHero.  The availability of a particular Mobility Services Provider depends on your location.  To redeem credits, simply reply to any text message with the word REDEEM and the name of the service (e.g. Redeem Lyft) and we’ll automatically redeem your credits (in preset denominations) to that service.  You can also sign into your account at and tap the REDEEM button and select the service you want to redeem to.

Do Validated Mobility Credits expire?

Validated credits do not expire currently, but this may change in the future.  We will notify you should this policy change and give you ample opportunity to redeem your credits.  Once you redeem credits to a Mobility Services Provider, the credits become the provenance of that partner and are subject to the expiration policy of that partner.

What services can I use Validated Mobility Credits with?

Currently Lyft, Uber, Reachnow, Biketown and Spot Hero.  Not all services area available in all locations.  We are currently working very hard support additional service providers, including mass transit and parking systems.  We’ll send out notifications whenever we add new providers.

What do you do with my data?

We don’t store or sell your raw transaction data.  We share some anonymized portions of your data with the businesses you’ve been to for billing and analytics purposes. We may aggregate your anonymized data with other users and share that with our partners to help them better understand customer behavior.  We will not share your phone number, email address, name or any other personally identifiable information with 3rd parties.  We safeguard your data using bank-level security at all times.  Read our privacy policy here.

How do you find qualifying purchases?

Our algorithms scan your transactions for merchants that are part of our network.  Then, our system determines if your transaction has met the qualifying purchase amount set by that merchant, and whether you are eligible to receive the reward amount.  

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password using this link.

How do I turn off text messages?

Just reply to any text message from Validated with the word STOP.

What commands are available via text messaging?

You can text us at 206-800-VLDT (8538) with the following commands:  signup, offers, balance, add card, manage cards and redeem.  When using the “redeem” command follow it with the name of the mobility service provider you prefer (e.g. redeem lyft).

How do I unlink a card or bank account?

You can send a text to  206-800-VLDT (8538) with the message “manage cards” or Sign into your Validated account at and tap the account button (upper left).  Tap MANAGE LINKED CARDS to unlink any card or account.

How do I delete my account?

Drop us an email at to delete your account or chat with us at (tap the chat icon on the lower right).

I have a question that’s not answered here – help!

Drop us an email at to delete your account or chat with us at (tap the chat icon on the lower right).