An All New Validated – Validated Mobility Rewards

You spoke up and we listened. We’ve spent the last six months building a brand new service that we know you’re going to love.  The idea is the same:  let shops, restaurants and other businesses help cover your transportation costs so you can explore freely!  But starting now, there’s no app to download, and no receipts to scan.  You’ll earn Mobility Credits automatically! Do some shopping, grab some dinner and let the credits roll in…

That’s right,  earning Mobility Credits with Validated is now completely automated!  You’ll earn credits automatically whenever you shop and dine at participating merchants.  You don’t have to take out your phone, you don’t have to open an app, and you don’t have to scan a code or a receipt.  Just shop, dine and let the mobility credits roll in.

To enroll in Validated Mobility Rewards enter your phone number and we’ll text you a link.

Since the launch of the new service, many of you have had questions.  Here’s the top five new questions we’ve recently added to the  FAQ :

What is Validated Mobility Rewards?
Validated Mobility Rewards is a service that lets participating shops, restaurants and other businesses help cover your transportation costs by sending you Mobility Credits when you make a qualifying purchase with them.  This service replaces our mobile app.

Why do businesses participate?
Businesses do this for the same reason that online retailers offer free shipping: to make it easier for you to visit them and spend money. It’s also a way for them to thank you for your business and show some appreciation. Plus, you’ll be more likely to come back again if you know it’s easy and inexpensive to get there.

What happens to my current Validated balance?
No worries, it’s still yours! Just login with your current app credentials (email & password or Facebook) and your credits will automatically be moved over. If you experience issues, just contact us through or the chat icon on our webpage.

Is Validated still free?
Yes, Validated is free to use to earn & spend Mobility Credits.

Why do you need to link my credit card or bank account?
This is how we are able to validate your purchases automatically. Our automated system scans your linked cards or accounts for qualifying purchases at our network of participating businesses and issues Mobility Credits whenever it finds them. By linking your payment methods directly, we’re able to make earning Mobility Credit rewards effortless.