see us on shark tank?


Can you believe we filmed Shark Tank 10 months ago?

A lot has happened since then:

1. Goodbye, QR codes. Hello, receipts.

While we’re not as conversant with mobile tech herpes as Chris Sacca, we do agree that QR codes are clunky and not ideal – which is why we ditched them way back in November. Now all you need to do is scan your receipt. Now it’s hassle- and herpes-free fun for all!

2. More mobility options

In our humble opinion, offering our users choice (viz. transportation options other than Uber) doesn’t complicate things. Beautiful day? Ride a bike. Errands to run? Reserve a ReachNow. Out with friends? Get home safely in a Lyft. We’re not talking about thirty different pasta sauces kind of choice; we’re talking about multi-modal mobility that enables you to truly explore freely. Furthermore, you’re all adults and deserve the right to choose.

3. Wayyyy more merchants

There are now way more than 50 merchants on the platform and they range from national brands like SEE, Arc’teryx, Tanner Goods, PANDORA, and Marine Layer, to select boutiques and local gems like Loulay, Fat Head’s Brewery, Elliott’s Oyster House, and MadeHere PDX.

4. Barbara it’s not that complicated


As of today, we’re live in these cities:


Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York City
Palo Alto
San Diego
San Francisco
Santa Monica
Washington DC

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If you’re in any of these cities, let us know in a tweet (@get_validated + #yourcity) and share the news with your friends.

We are always looking for an excuse to do something fun and are eager to bring the fun to our users.