#GetValidated when you fill your #BIKETOWNbasket


Tucked away from the usual shopping hotspots of 21st and 23rd Ave, The Athletic Community is a hidden gem full of rad gifts and history.

The Athletic Community Story

The Athletic Community is the name of our store here in Portland. Socks socks socks. We got our start with the iconic Portland Airport Carpet Sock. Yes, the very first product to pay tribute to everyone’s favorite airport carpet (we’ve since paid tribute to LAX, BOS, JFK & SEATAC). We were up and running for about a year before we opened up our store and when we did it really took off as the local spot for people to stop in and get gifts over the holidays. It is so fun to be in there on Christmas Eve when people are doing their last minute shopping. Everyone is in a good mood (most of them anyway) and actually a lot of them brought us presents, which was crazy.

What’s one thing people don’t know about The Athletic Community?

We seem to be a little hidden there on 19th Ave in NW — tucked away from the usual shopping hotspots of 21st and 23rd Ave. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own thing going on over here. We’ve got a sweet little enclave going on too. The building itself where we are situated used to be a Paramount Pictures storage facility and screening room, so it’s got a little bit of history behind it. The Commissary Cafe is right next to us and has some of the best breakfast sandwiches around (just get there before 11 during the week) plus YO! Vintage just opened up next door with a kid-focused shop, so we’re starting to come around. I’d give us the “hidden gem” moniker. You’ve got to know to go!

However, if we’re really getting down to the nuts and bolts of “what people might not know about us” I would say that it’s we’re lovers of all sports! I think because of our backgrounds people tend to think that we’re a cycling focused shop and that’s just not true! (Though we do love cycling.)

Why is The Athletic Community on Validated?

Why not? Validated is such a good idea, because who really wants to pay for a cab ride across town? And it makes even more sense to put towards your monthly BIKETOWN membership. Little known fact that I just figured out – if you pick up a BIKETOWN bike that’s parked outside one of the docks and then return it to a dock, you get a dollar back! People are going to be having free rides for days!