#GetValidated when you fill your #BIKETOWNbasket


Located in Portland’s Old Town, Deadstock Coffee is a one-stop-shop for a good day: top-shelf coffee,  snob-free conversation, and imaginative art.

The Deadstock Coffee Story

Deadstock Coffee is a sneaker-themed coffee shop and gallery space. The goal of the space is to give people who love or want to know about the sneaker culture a place to hang without them feeling like they are loitering. We also just happen to be a 5-star coffee shop in a city with 500+ options to get a cup!

What’s one thing people don’t know about Deadstock?

We are actually in the heart of the PDX sneaker community. Within 2 blocks we have a retail sneaker shop, two local shirt companies, a skate shop, a high-end sneaker consignment store, over 15 offices that work with brands like Nike, adidas, Under Armor etc, and the only footwear design academy in the world. So we picked our spot for a reason.

Why is Deadstock Coffee on Validated?

It just makes sense. You’re already going to go to those places… So why not treat yourself while treating yourself?!